Monday, March 30, 2015

Get outta my fireplace picture

We had our wiring meeting today with Chris from Structured Cable.  He's always detailed and very helpful. We walked through each room and decided where we wanted our cable and other jacks. We also decided where the televisions would be mounted for the family room and basement. The meeting took about 45 minutes and then we stayed around for a bit to take some pictures.  Oh, looks like we are having our pre-drywall meeting on Friday....things are zipping right along!
On the outside of the house they've started to put the shingles on the roof. They'll start adding other exterior finishes in the next week or so. 
This is looking into the living and dining room. 
This is looking into the Family Room. I wish Dwight would get outta of my fireplace picture!  Geez, he can ruin a pic--)  I guess I could have posted a different one--but oh well! :)
Here's the future kitchen and morning room.  I'm excited about the vaulted ceilings in the morning room. It'll really open the space up in this area. 
The mudroom and half-bath off of the garage.
Speaking of garage....looks like they'll be pouring the concrete soon.
Pictures of the huge master bedroom, my soaking tub, and the hall bath. I think it's interesting that they've already installed the tubs.  Hopefully it won't be scratched in the process.
Downstairs to the basement. This will be the main entertainment/social area in the basement.
Here's another room in the basement that will ultimately become our home office.
Another room in the basement that'll become the exercise/zen room! I'm looking forward to transforming this space. A closet will also be added so down the line if we ever want/need to sale then it can be another bedroom.
Basement bath. I don't know who will be able to fit in that small tub....maybe i'll use it to store beer?!?
Storage space in basement that also house the HVAC.  You'd think that by now this equipment would be much smaller....
That's it for now!  Friday is pre-drywall.........


  1. Your house is really moving along now! Good luck at pre-drywall!

  2. Its amazing to see how much work gets done in one single month.. Your house just looks awesome!!

  3. LOL @the HVAC system. IKR?! Good luck today with your pre-drywall meeting! It's raining here in Northern VA, but I hope that's not the case with your area.