Selectable options - 14 Day Appointment

Two appointments in one day!!!

So along with our wiring meeting, today we had our 14 day appointment.  The goal of this meeting is to finalize your selectable options and colors.  It is critically important that you prepare for this meeting by reviewing your purchase agreement and master selection sheet.  You will want to be aware of your options, upgrades, and other products so that you can ask questions about changes and other available options.  Overall, this meeting by far is exciting---but can be overwhelming if you are like me---nervous about making so many important choices in 2 hours.

So let's get started with what we chose:

We had the option of choosing a washer and dryer or refrigerator.  Initially we chose the washer and dryer, but after some additional research we revised our decision and went for the refrigerator.  Ryan Homes has quite a few options for either choice, but the refrigerator would complete our kitchen, and to be completely honest, it was a smarter upgrade considering the costs.  We decided on the refrigerator in the middle:

Next, we move to the kitchen!  Probably my favorite because Dwight gave me more ownership of selecting options (although we ended up with splitting the decisions).  For the kitchen cabinets we went with a maple cognac (see below).  I should note that I was pleasantly pleased with the options for Level 1 cabinetry.  There were light and dark options that you'll be pleased with.  However, if you are looking for white cabinetry then you'll have to upgrade and pay extra.  In my opinion, go with Level 1--you won't be disappointed. Below the cabinet you'll find our granite selection.  What turned out to be a bonus for us was that the model home had both the cabinet and granite combination that we chose in its basement, so we were actually able to see the two options together.  I took a photo to remember how this would all tie together.

We then moved on to making selections for the bathroom. My initial thoughts were to go with the same cabinetry that we chose for the kitchen.  Dwight was opposed to this and chose a darker cherry like cabinet for the master bath and guests baths.  After seeing the cabinet color with the cultured marble that comes standard in the baths, I was sold on the darker color (see below):

 Last, but certainly the most important decisions today dealt with the exterior of the home.  Decisions about the siding color, shaker color, stone color, brick color, mortar, trim, front door, and shutters were tough to decide.  Ultimately we decided on a pebble clay for the majority siding, natural almond for the shaker siding, conestoga cutstone for the stone color, brown for the shutters, and a fiery brown for the front door color.  I'm a bit nervous about how all of these color combinations will come together, but excited that the process is done!!  One recommendation that I would have for Ryan Homes is that they utilize some of the technology that they try and sale you on to give buyers a visual on how the exterior of your home will look after you've made your selections.  You are at the mercy of color swatches and your untrained eye to decide on how these combinations will look.  It'll be a huge surprise when we drive up to the home and see how it all looks---but I'm crossing my fingers that we made the right decisions:

Stone Color:

Brick Color - this will only show on the bottom outside of the basement

Siding, shutters, and doors
 Here are a few additional pictures. 

Morgan wanted to get in on the selection process:

Here are pictures of the basement door, wall color, fire place surround options, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and additional options that we chose for today.  The great news about the 14 Day Appointment was that all of the options we chose were standard.  Therefore, we did not have to spend any additional funds that would add to our base price. 

opted for the double wall oven.  here are the appliances that accompany this feature.

Next up is flooring!! Pray that we can stay within our funds provided for flooring :)


  1. Choosing the exterior was the hardest for us as well. I'm a Pinterest junky so I've had my dream kitchen and bathroom in my head for a while now. I had no idea about the exterior though. All the colors were similar and I wasn't sure what I really liked. Our design center was able to give us a map of the development. We drove around looking at which house had what brick, siding color, stone, etc. I'm not sure if RH has maps like that, but you might ask. Someone out there has to have a similar exterior.

  2. Thanks for the tips!! Yes, we were able to drive around looking at the different homes in the development. Funny enough, there are on two homes in our development that are Milan models with a different elevation and are both brick homes. We chose a different elevation and have chosen stone/vinyl siding so it has been tricky trying to compare. I like your idea of Pinterest....we'll have to check that out for sure!!

  3. So great that you guys are doing this! You are only about an hour away from where we are building in Dumfries. I love your choices.