Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PM Service Call

Made a service call to our PM this week, and despite his busy schedule he came right out to fix the issue!! He's such a great guy and this is a good sign for Ryan Homes customer service and follow up one the house is closed and completed! #GoodCustomerService

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What A Day!?!?!

We finally closed on our home today!  We're extremely excited about ending this journey and starting a new one. I'm far to exhausted to post any pictures or share everything that happened today (which was all positive :) so look for another update soon.....thanks for all of your support!  Whew...what a day!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Furniture Shopping

With only 7 days left until we close, we ventured out this weekend to do some Memorial Day window shopping. This quickly turned into our first purchase for the new digs!  What y'all think of the new family room furniture?
We have our eye on this set for the morning room....we'll probably buy this after we close:
I've been trying to find the perfect sectional for the basement. I've always wanted a large RED sectional for chillin and watching t.v. We saw this sectional at Rooms 2 Go but we're not totally convinced that it's the one. So we'll just have to wait and see!
We have our eye on this headboard as well. It a bit expensive so we're waiting to see if it'll be discounted before buying...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Columns, Floors, and Morgan....

We have new home orientation next week!  This process has gone by so fast. They are planning to finish grading the front and back yard, installing the irrigation system, and laying the sod this week. There are quite a few touch ups that they'll also need to do on the inside, but overall we are closing in on excited!  Here are a few more pics of the outside:

I just love the house at this can also see that they've added the columns to the front porch and the sidewalk is being built:

Here's another peek at the exterior:

I can't remember if I posted any pictures of the hardwood floors, but here you are:

On another note, my darling daughter Morgan turned 1 year old this weekend. We had a little mermaid themed birthday party for the little princess. Here are a few pictures of the cake smash (which she did not smash because she was terrified of the cake frosting, lol) and some random birthday pictures we took.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Goodies at the Milan Mansion

Lots of goodies were installed over this past week!  From granite--to deck--to fixtures and fans---it has been a week of exciting additions. While there is still more to complete, we can see the finish line in sight. In fact, we received an official letter from NVR that our pre-settlement date is scheduled for May 27th and our closing date is June 2nd.
We are of course excited about all of the updates. We anticipate that the floors and other finishes will be up next.  When we went in today, it looked like they were putting the finishing touches on the electrical and wiring. The only thing that I did not see were the outlets in the island. I'm going to assume that they'll put those in soon---I'm trying not to bug my PM about it at this point--). He said that there two  installed in the island--so i'll take him at his word for now.  Okay, so here are the progress pictures:
Here are a few pictures of the kitchen with granite and fixtures installed:

Here are a few pictures of the master bath and tub tile surround and vanity:
Here are a few pics of the deck.  We're going to have to do an outside addition to either extend the deck or add a patio. We opted for the 10x12 deck.  It's much smaller in person.  
A couple of miscellaneous pictures:
guest bathtub
ceiling fans were installed.
stairs in the garage. after adding the stairs on, the 2-car garage seems rather tight. both of our cars better fit....
Until next time....

Sunday, April 19, 2015

11 mos and walking...

Can this process happen any faster? Maybe I should avoid asking....

We drove by the house today and I couldn't be more excited to see cabinets and molding. Yep, there were kitchen and bathroom cabinets installed and beautiful molding up on the walls. Enough of me are some of the pics:

Here's a couple of pictures of the molding in the hallway. We went with trim package #2. I love how it pops against the wall color. 

Here's a few pics of the molding in the living room and dining room. The dining also comes with chair rail molding. 

Pictures of my awesome kitchen cabinets (maple cognac). 

I'm already in love with my double wall ovens!! Can you imagine them installed here?

Picture from the top of the stairs. The doors all have the casing on now. Starting to look good upstairs!

The basement still has work to be done. There's always standing water in the basement. Wassup with that? They'll need to work on correcting this....

Here's a picture of Little Miss Morgan standing in her bedroom. The little misses started walking this weekend. She's now 11 mos! I'm so excited that she's been able to experience this process. From picking some of the selections for the home, to being carried in during the framing process, and now standing and walking around her pre-finished room is exciting.

That's enough for tonight! I'm looking forward to seeing what the transformation will look like a week from now. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

The day drywall took over....

We went by the house today and drywall had exploded all over what use to be wood frames. We are excited that the everything is coming together....oh, and they are almost done with putting the siding on the house. There are some areas that still need filling and then the stone around the porch and lower exterior of the home...and some additional areas for the tan trim...and then the exterior would be done :)
Here's the exterior so far.....
Here's a few pictures of the formal living and dining room....
Here's a few pics of the family room and kitchen area...this space is pretty huge...
Pics of the morning room (right off of the kitchen/family room)...probably going to be one of my favorite rooms in the house....
Oh, had to add a picture of where my double-wall ovens will be....
Mud room and downstairs half bath (right off of the garage)
Path upstairs...
Three of the bedrooms upstairs....the last room will be Morgan's
Here is the master bedroom (has 2 big closets and bath)
Uhhh, ewww what's that in the shower?
Down to the basement...
Media and Social Room
The two unfinished will eventually be an office and the other a 5th bedroom/Zen room
Two car garage
We can't wait to see what's up next.....