Saturday, January 24, 2015


Not too much to update except that we'd been going back and forth over email with our SR trying to get information about next steps of the building process.  She got back to us today and explained that the RH team normally meet on Thursday mornings where they discuss pre-starts.  Apparently, our home is potentially a prestart for next week, depending on permits. RH has everything ready to roll, except they are waiting on the county to send the permits back so that construction can start. We are supposedly still on track for a May delivery. Once they get word that they can start construction our SR will contact us about a pre-construction meeting. Looking forward to moving forward!!  


  1. That's Exciting. Before you known it, you will be breaking ground. I wonder how my permits are going, we might finish around the same time as you. We had our pre-construction meeting early in the process now just waiting around to get started

  2. I was just checking out your page. Looks like y'all had your pre construction meeting December 19th. If things begin to come together for us we could be on track to finish around that same time. That'll be cool to compare the process. Sounds like y'all are also waiting on permits. Apparently the permit time schedule differs depending on the builder, county schedule, and other variables. Crossing my fingers that we'll both here something soon!

  3. Exciting!!! Milan was our second choice when we started building. I love that floorplan. I can't wait to watch your choices come together. It really will fly by so take a ton of pictures!! Congrats!